Top facts from Regina Daniels’ personal life – Boyfriend and Wedding Rumours & Much More (Photos)


Rumours about Regina Daniels wedding

May 2017

As it turns out, the main source of rumours is Regina herself. Ok, maybe not directly, but she definitely knows what she is doing when she posts yet another ambiguous photo. In less than a year, various media outlets have managed to ‘marry her off’ twice just because of her pictures that were taken out of context.

For instance, back in May 2017, the actress posted photos of her in a white wedding dress, which immediately set off the media. Later, it turned out that Regina was wearing the dress for one of her roles, so the rumour mill calmed down for a while.

January 2018

However, it did not rest for all that long. A few months back, she posted yet another series of photographs to her Instagram (@regina.daniels, by the way, check it out, if you have not done it already), where she was w a white dress that looked suspiciously like a bridal gown. This time, she was merely a bridesmaid, but come on, who wears a white dress to their friend’s wedding?

What we are trying to say here is that, despite having lots of photos that might make you think otherwise, Regina Daniels is not yet married. And why should she be? She is only 17 years old after all. Even though the actress has achieved quite a lot in such a short time, it does not seem like she is in the mood to settle down any time soon.

That said, rumours about Regina’s secret (and not so secret) marriages are not the only thing her fans are wondering about. Her personal life is still shrouded with secrecy.


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