Try Your Hands On These 5 Homemade Conditioning Treatments For Soft, Natural Hair


Mayonnaise For Natural Hair

Daily, more women are drifting towards natural hair and its versatility. Every woman wants soft, full and healthy hair and of course, who doesn’t?

There are conditioners that we can make at home that can do more than even the ready-made conditioners and this is a fact.




Below are some 5 amazing conditioners to try at home.

1. Avocados, olive oil, shea butter, and apple cider vinegar

This homemade conditioner is lubricating, thick, and heavy, all of which give your hair slip, moisture, and detangles it well. The avocado’s meatiness and fatty acid content contribute to the effectiveness of this mixture.

Additionally, the fatty acids in the olive oil combined with the emollient properties of shea butter add even more lubrication and moisturizing benefits. Lastly, the acidic pH of the apple cider vinegar helps to flatten the cuticles for easier detangling.

This conditioner is ideal for those with thick, dense hair and major shrinkage.

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