You want to Look $eexy?? Create amazing Bright Looks with these Latest Designs of Bum Shorts and Crop Tops (PHOTOS)


Bum shorts and crop tops – best combinations for an easy and casual look. Be inspired by the latest styles from our collection!

Bum shorts and crop tops

The fashion of this season offers various looks. Colourful looks have captured the interest of fashionistas and trendy bum shorts and crop tops have become a hit

This look is great for a hot day and adds a little playfulness to the female appearance. The look can come in denim, cotton, satin or even jacquard, and they emphasize the beauty and youthfulness of any young lady.

Ankara bum shorts and crop tops

Take note of the shorts with high waist and large pockets. They can make you truly stand out. In addition, a top with a modest neckline, created from fabric with calm colours is quite attractive.

Younger girls and teenagers may prefer a combination of frayed denim shorts and a knitted short top.

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